Corona Safety measurements in our cabs

Before Booking

These are the questions that we would like to clarify with you prior to booking. Please keep in mind that those questions are in line with the health advice we received from health professionals and are for your own safety. 

Do you have any traveling history in past two weeks? It is important for us to know if you have experienced any of the following. High temperature, loss of smell or taste, prolonged cough, any other Covid-19 symptoms, if you have visited any of epic center for Covid-19. In the light of the information received, our team would decide whether to take your booking or not.

After the Booking

Day before your journey with us you will be emailed following information. Identification photograph, contact mobile number, vehicle registration number, Your chauffeur’s current temperature. You are requested to keep that email safe or take a printout if possible, for your own convenience.

Before you leave for your journey, you will be contacted by your chauffeur by text once he is at your destination. You will be requested to leave the luggage at the entrance and it would be sanitized and placed in the vehicle. Please wear a mask or use one available in the vehicle. Use sanitizer placed in the vehicle to sanitize your belongings.

Contactless Traveling

Do not touch vehicle doors, leave it for the chauffeur to either open it remotely or by hand. Keep maximum distance inside the vehicle by sitting behind the passenger seat. Even though all the contact points are sanitized on regular basis, do not touch any contact point. 

Passenger Safety Tips

Wash your hands frequently especially before and after the journey
Cover your face with a mask for the duration of the journey. Your chauffeur will wear one too
Children under 3 years of age and people with breathing difficulties are exempt from wearing mask
Use sanitizer available in the vehicle to sanitize your hands and personal belongings
Travel alone to make sure you do not contract the virus from untested source
Roll the windows down a little to keep the airflow in the vehicle going
Do not touch any contact points, let your chauffeur take care of it
Keep maximum distance inside the vehicle by sitting behind the passenger seat to avoid airborne transmission
Cooperate with your safety trained chauffeur to keep you away from harm
Chauffeurs are instructed to keep air conditioning at extract to keep the air clean inside the vehicle. Good ventilation help reduce airborne transmission
No newspapers or magazines so you do not contract virus from them
You can ask your chauffeur to be tested for Covid-19. Bear in mind it’s a 3 days process

Covid-19 Safety Guidance
Passenger Responsibilities

Use of face mask is compulsory unless you have breathing difficulties or children under the age of 3 years.
Maintain 2 meters distance inside vehicle when possible
Wash your hands frequently especially before and after the journey
Carry a hand sanitizer and keep your personnel hygiene on top priority.

What We Offer

Through sanitization including bucket and detergent car wash before the journey
Touch point sanitization
Sanitization of your luggage and personal items 
Constant supply of standard cleaning products and their disposal arrangement
Clearing, disposing and sanitizing the vehicle after every journey
Voluntary temperature check of our chauffeurs

Contactless Transit

Safety oriented services since the start of the business
No handshakes or any physical contact with chauffeur
Automatic door opening or manually by chauffeur
Touchpoints sanitization and prohibition of touching the certain areas of vehicle
Contactless sanitization of your luggage
Social distance friendly interiors of Our spacious vehicles
Dual channel climate control in vehicles
No unauthorized modifications in vehicles

Chauffeur Guidance

We expect our chauffeurs to reduce physical touch to bare minimum and sanitize religiously
Chauffeurs need to take charge from start to finish of the journey to keep standards
Keep the routine of wash, sanitize, journey, sanitize, repeat at all costs
Make sure to keep 2-meter social distancing at all costs and at all the times even when off duty
Wear a face covering all the times and offer one to the passengers as well
Keep separate pen and paper for yourself and passengers
Do not wear gloves
No detailed discussions to avoid airborne transmission



Passenger & Euro Car Chauffeur Safety Guidance, for safer private hire. For the latest travel advice, private hire safety protocols and how we’re responding to coronavirus (Covid-19).